Tuesday Training: Teaching, Coaching, Mentoring – and trees that bloom on their own time.


Communication skills

What’s the difference between Mentoring and Coaching? Between Teaching and Training? How can we, as coaches, trainers, educators and mentors best serve those that we are helping?

That’s one of the issues with John Maxwell’s Servant Leadership, of course (which I’ll address in a future Tuesday Training post)

But its also something I’ve been thinking about in recent times, as I completed the “Effective Coaching” path in Toastmasters.

(Effective Coaching is one of 10 training programs that have been rolled out by Toastmasters – to replace its traditional manual-based learning.)

I spoke what I had learned on that path at a recent meeting of Witty Storytellers Online, an online-only toastmasters club which focuses on storytelling as a communications strategy.


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