Travel Pics Theme: K for Kotor

Pir Lady of the Rock interior - Perast

The theme for our ‪‎travel pics this week is K for Kotor  – and for Tuesday, it’s the interior of ‘Our Lady of the Rocks’ church, in Kotor Bay, near Perast.

The story goes that sailors spotted the icon of the Virgin and Child washed up on a rock in Kotor Bay and decided to pay their respects by throwing rocks onto the outcrop – slowly widening and expanding the islet until a church could be built in 1452. That church stood for 180 years, until the current structure was built in 1632.

To this day, passing ships pay tribute – and every year on July 22, local boatowners sail or row out to the islet, and continue the tradition of throwing rocks onto the islet, to widen its surface.

Meantime, every day, hundreds of tourists head out to the rock to see the church, and the small museum that stands next door.


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