Travel Pics Theme: W for Worldmark

worldmark sf low qualThe theme letter for our ‪‎travel pics this week is W, for Worldmark.

Since we bought into holiday ownership with Worldmark (or Trendwest, as it was when we started in 2001) we’ve stayed at a number of US Worldmark properties including Dolphins Cove Anaheim (near Disneyland), Las Vegas (Tropicana) and San Diego (Balboa Park) .. but the first was San Francisco – and we still have very fond memories.

We first stayed there in 2009 (when this picture was taken) – and my two sisters and their travelling companions stayed there in March ’16

The property’s unusual for a Worldmark … rather than being suites in a condominium style resort, it’s actually a restored hotel.

Originally called the Victoria Hotel, then the Juliana (prior to 2003), the Worldmark San Francisco building was originally built around two years after the 1906 earthquake .. and in some ways, it reflects that.

The elevator, for example, only goes to the 8th floor – meaning those staying on the 9th floor need to schlepp their bags up the stairs to their suites.

When we stayed there in ’09, the furnishings and fittings were dark, and cozy – whereas by ’16, they had been upgraded to bright and breezy – but no matter what the fittings are like, the location just can’t be beat.

Located on Bush Street in San Francisco, literally above the Stockton Street tunnel, this resort’s within an easy stroll of so much … it’s a 5 minute downhill walk to Union Square, a two minute walk to a Cable Car stop.

It is literally 100m from Dragon’s Gate (the entrance to Chinatown) and is an excellent base to explore everything that San Francisco has to offer.

(Oh – and a final note about the photo today: unfortunately, we can’t find the original of the pics we took back in 2009 – this is one that I’d uploaded to Facebook, and hence the quality’s not as good as we would like. Ah well…)

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